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Craig Torres

Craig Torres (Tongva) descended from the indigenous communities of the Yaavetum (Los Angeles) and Komiikravetam (Santa Monica Canyon) that existed in the Los Angeles Basin. The descendants are more commonly known today, collectively as the Tongva or Gabrielino Indians of San Gabriel Mission. He is also descended from three of the founding families of Los Angeles pueblo in 1781. He is a member of the Traditional Council of Pimu and involved with Ti'at Society, an organization focused on the revival of the traditional maritime culture of the Southern California coastal region and the Southern Channel Islands. He is an artist, as well as a cultural educator, presenter and consultant to schools, culture and nature centers, museums, and city, state, and government agencies acting as a consultant on the Tongva.

Craig has also been involved with the organization Preserving Our Heritage and Chia Café, which provides cooking demons and classes with California native plants. These activities also provide education on the importance of preserving native plants, habitats, and landscapes for future generations.