Susu Attar photographed in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

Susu Attar

Susu Attar believes art is a form of magic. Rooted in painting and in her experience as an Iraqi Angeleno, both Susu’s individual and communal practices explore themes including mourning, hospitality, healing and renewal. Her work across mediums often documents and reimagines struggles for self-determination, from the level of the individual to the family; from local communities to transnational diasporas. Through her wide-ranging and holistic approach, Susu examines existing frameworks within both everyday life and political movements and creates new contexts that center the notion of art as a means of transformation and a space of interconnection. 

Susu’s commitment to building narratives that open up future possibilities for both individual and collective agency have led her to extend her practice to theatrical production, curating, art direction and world building. As an educator, she has produced and facilitated programs and workshops in the US and abroad, utilizing art practices to expand communal imagination. Susu is a member of SEPIA Collective, a WOC art collective whose work includes a traveling exhibition, ICONIC: Black Panther. She holds a BA from San Francisco State University in Painting and Conceptual Information Art. Photo by Michelle Sui.