2019-2020 Studio Art End of Year Student Show

May 14 - June 5, 2020 | 12:00am
2020-05-14 00:00:00 2020-06-05 00:00:00 2019-2020 Studio Art End of Year Student Show <p>Stop by our front windows to view work from Occidental College's Studio Art Department students.&nbsp;</p> America/Los_Angeles public

The 2019-2020 Studio Art Department End of Year Student Show is on view, although we wish we could invite you inside to see the work, we are grateful for our full length street-front windows. Stop by on your stroll and take a look!

Artwork is featured in both our gallery space and on a viewing monitor near the front entrance. 

Selected Student Work
Occidental College Studio Art Department

Featured in the Gallery Space: 

August Barringer
A Look Inside My Cave, 2020, mixed media installation, 96" x 84"" x 96"

A Look Inside My Cave is a view into the life of someone who struggles with serious mental health issues. During the best of times I struggle to get by with my borderline personality disorder, and without the regular social interactions and joys of non-quarantined society I’ve gone from “keeping it together” to surviving. This installation displays coping mechanisms from healthy to hurtful, littered with pill bottles and pills collected over the last two years. - August Barringer 

Sander Kupfer
despair came knocking, 2020, acrylic, 30” x 40”
trap phone fantasies, 2020, acrylic and oil stick, 30” x 40”
requiem of my past fate, 2020, acrylic and oil stick, 36” x 48”
fading away, 2020, acrylic and spray paint, 30” x 40”

When I create a painting I’m influenced by prominent events of my past which sculpted me into being the individual I am today. I also attempt to reflect my current mood and mental state onto the canvas, as well as external influences via the world and culture through my perspective. - Sander Kupfer

Featured on the Video Monitor:

Nina Barnett
Blake Broder
Ronnie Doss
Emma Connelly
Tessa Davis
Ronnie Dos
Anna Franceschelli
Natalie Garms
Anabel Gullo 
Logan Hand
Linjing He
Alejandra Herrera
Hannah Hoefs
Zitong Jin
Harrison Kallner
Hannah Kim
Amanda Liu
Jonah Morris 
Jung In Park
Stephanie Park
Alyssa Pfitzer 
Onpailin Rangsithienchai
Elise Raphael
Sarah Ruiz
Gabi Saliamanos
Kendrick Shoji
Aya Sugiura
Bryan Suh 
Isabel Sung
Dahlia Theriault
Clara Thielke
Aleeza Toribio
Brittany Tovar
Annika VanSandt
Crystal Wang
Irene Wickwire
Nikita Wolf
Bobby Yu
Jason Yu
2019-2020 End of Year Show