Heather Rasmussen: Sculptures, Photographs & Movement

August 17 - October 16, 2015

Occidental College is pleased to present Heather Rasmussen: Sculptures, photographs and movement, an exhibition of new work by the Los Angeles based artist.

The exhibition features works in which Rasmussen plays the role of both artist and subject. Using rotting vegetables alongside casts of her limbs the artist explores themes of preservation, decay, and the passage of time. By displaying her own replicated body parts, she calls upon the viewer to examine the fragility of ones own body. Her identity as a dancer, and the movement and dependence on time associated with that practice, becomes a focus through the use of motion pictures and mirrors using the tropes of photography, sculpture, and video work. The exhibition comprises nine works, including Rasmussen’s first use of video as a medium.

By incorporating furniture and textiles into various works, Rasmussen transforms the gallery into a still-life, toying with the movement of time, and distorting the space specifically by imposing images of enlarged packing blankets and towels on the gallery’s numerable window panes. The exhibition seeks to create an immersive environment through these devices of texture, scale, and reflection, employed throughout the works.