Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA)

August 14, 2016 - June 17, 2017

Occidental College is pleased to announce that Alice Könitz’s award-winning work, Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA), has been installed on the campus. LAMOA is an approximately 13’ x 10’ x 10’ exhibition space curated by Könitz, and a sculpture in its own right.

Established in Könitz’s Eagle Rock backyard in 2012, the museum is a venue for exhibitions and performances from members of her artistic community. Artists are invited to create work specifically for the venue and its unique structural form. Through this arrangement the space evolves with each exhibition into a new audience experience.

The work manifests the artist’s interest in the relationship between public and private space. The museum is an open space formerly in the setting of her personal home. With the move to Occidental, it will shift boundaries becoming part of the academic setting and the students’ everyday lives. The artist describes LAMOA as “a platform for an organic institution that lives through participation". The structure depends upon public interaction for its role as a museum.

“Hosting the recent recipient of the Mohn Award honoring artistic excellence at the Hammer Museum’s Made in L.A. 2014 exhibition is an honor and we are excited about the opportunity for the students to engage with the work," says Oxy Arts Director, Aandrea Stang. “With the campus installation, LAMOA will create dialogue within the campus community and for a broader Los Angeles audience."


Exhibition Schedule:

August 14th - September 15th
Kim Schoen: Fontane Gurgulear

October 15th - November 6th
Gabrielle Jennings: Start by Discarding

November 12th - March 12th
Andreas Fogarasi: Book Launch

March 12th - March 20th
Janet Kim: The Maidenhair Falls

March 21st - April 2nd
Rachel Mason

April 9th - May 20th
Isabell Spengler: Echo Chamber

May 22nd - June 17th
Neha Choksi: Dismantling