Pansa del Publico

June 19 - July 10, 2021

Clockshop and OXY ARTS present a series of outdoor events at the LA State Historic Park to activate Pansa del Publico—a sculptural object and functional beehive oven inspired by the artist Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio’s Salvadoran roots, the Zanja Madre, and the Ceiba tree.

Aparicio's practice is centered on explorations of materiality and its relationship to complex histories. In this piece, his use of brick aims to recontextualize the settler colonist history of the Zanja Madre, from a tool to steal water and enact violence on Indigenous peoples, to a source of food and connection. The ceramic spikes that cover the sculpture reference the Ceiba tree, a symbol of protection and spirituality to Central American immigrants.

During three Saturday sessions, Aparicio will build a wood fire in his sculptural beehive oven and local chefs, artists, activists, and writers will bring the sculpture to life with cooking demonstrations, readings, workshops and more. You are invited to join us at the park with blankets, chairs, or whatever you need to feel comfortable. Food cooked in the beehive oven will be available as a grab-and-go snack.

Each event will have limited capacity and will require a registration on EventBrite to confirm participation.

Beehive ovens are one of the oldest traditions in Central America and often serve as the main cooking source and hub for community connections in rural areas of El Salvador. The sculpture will serve as a gathering hub in the park—an invitation to share stories, listen and eat together at a time when we all deeply need connection and togetherness.

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Saturday Sessions