The Trouble Between Us

March 19 - April 19, 2014

The artists in The Trouble Between Us use video to put themselves on display. The video camera provides an opportunity to perform, or to play with the idea of what a performance can be. Some of the videos rely on digital manipulation to insert an artist’s body into surreal, unsettling spaces. The artists explore the nuances of video as a medium, creating environments for their actions that go beyond traditional sets and backdrops. Audio plays an important role in the work in the exhibition, either with the use of hypnotic, evocative soundtracks or by the absence of sound. For the artists in this exhibition, video is a space where bodies can inhabit new and strange roles.

The Trouble Between Us is organized by artist Kenneth Tam and includes work by Patty Chang, Josh Mannis, Pat McElnea, Maria Petsching, Kenneth Tam and Kaari Upson.