Land acknowledgement is a traditional custom that dates back centuries in many Native nations and communities. Today, land acknowledgements are used by Native Peoples and non-Natives to recognize Indigenous Peoples who are the original stewards of the lands on which we now live. 

OXY ARTS sits on the land of the Gabrieleno/Tongva people. We acknowledge the Gabrieleno/Tongva as the original caretakers of Tovaangar, spanning LA County, parts of Northern Orange County and the Southern Channel Islands. The Gabrieleno/Tongva people continue to remain in relationship with these lands through ceremony, culture, and stewardship.

We pay our respects to the Honuukvetam (Ancestors), 'Ahiihirom (Elders), and 'Eyoohiinkem (our relatives/relations) past, present and emerging. 

To go beyond acknowledgement, visit and consider making a financial kuuy nahwá'a guest exchange, to the Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy—the Tongva-led land conservancy in Tovaangar/LA where land has rightfully returned to their hands for the first time since colonization. 

Pronunciation of Tongva Words:
Taraaxatom (Indigenous Peoples) 
Honuukvetam (Ancestors) 
'Ahiihirom (Elders) 
'Eyoohiinkem (our relatives/relations) 

Our Land Acknowledgement was written with the assistance of Mercedes Dorame and Joel Garcia, alongside the resources of the Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy, and UCLA's American Indian Studies Center. We thank them for their support and time. 

Community Organizations: