Streetview Video Series

May 28 - August 16, 2020

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Every evening, the Streetview Video Series will showcase work by local artists on a loop in our Black Box space. Drop by to see the videos through our street-facing window on York Boulevard. The full videos will be archived on our YouTube page for viewing.

The Streetview Video Series offers a platform to artists who may not currently have access to traditional venues to screen their work. The project includes work from the artist coalition In Plain Sight, recent MFA grads from Los Angeles institutions, established video artists and work from our local media arts partners.




An exterior shot of a laundromat, with a woman wearing a red shirt visible through the window
Still from Living Pictures, 2003 - ​​08 excerpts
by Monica Duncan and Lara Odell

Apart or A Part
A compilation from LA Freewaves

August 11 - August 16, 2020

Although these videos were made many years prior to Covid-19, they provide a unique lens to contemplate artists' views of being separate and together during our current quarantine. How connected are we? Opinions vary.

At the Light of Dawn by Ivan Limas
Living Pictures, 2003 - 08 excerpts by Monica Duncan and Lara Odell
As We Go On, 2005 by Hillary Mushkin
Better Together, 2015 by Kim Abeles and Ken Marchionno
Bakercise, 2005 by Christina Pierson and Yoshie Sakai
Apart/Together, 2009 by Jesse Fleming
Fragments, 2009 by Jody Zellen


A compilation of images from Pau Pescador's "Breathless"

Breathless by Pau Pescador

August 3 - August 10, 2020

Breathless is a single-channel installation as the artist travels by car through Los Angeles during March-May 2020. The video captures empty streets of the metropolitan city in the midst of a global pandemic, while Pescador reflects on personal exchanges over the past few months as well as upon the history of past pandemics which have affected Los Angeles. The video's title references both the respiratory illness of COVID-19 as well as the 1960 Godard film of the same name. A film about a couple who moves through a city as one of them is on the verge of being arrested and killed. Told through live-action, hard-drawn animation and found footage, Breathless speaks to heightened stress that affects one's day to day as they try to move through the world at this moment.

Pau Pescador is an artist, filmmaker, performer and writer. They graduated with an MFA from University of California, Irvine and a BA from the University of Southern California. Select exhibitions and screenings include: X-TRA Online; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); The Pit, Glendale; 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica; UV Estudios, Buenos Aires; gallery1993, Los Angeles; Coastal/Borders, Getty Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA at Angels Gate Cultural Center; Ashes/Ashes, Park View, The Main Museum, and gallery1993, all Los Angeles. Their first collection of writing, CRUSHES: A NOVELLA, was published by Econo Textual Objects in Spring 2017.


Blobs of liquid black ink floating on a bright blue background
Still from (d(e)volve) by Carole Kim

(d(e)volve) by Carole Kim

July 20 - August 2, 2020

(d(e)volve) was born out of Carole Kim's recent focus on developing new live drawing tools by creating custom particle systems. Kim links these new "brushes" to her ongoing love of drawing and the micro-sensitivity of the gesture. Trails form floating clusters, momentarily obfuscate then dematerialize. For Kim, producing (d(e)volve) was an online performance through attentive improvisation with longtime collaborator and sound designer Paul Chavez, exploring the means that are available for continued connection in the current moment.⁣

Carole Kim is a visual artist whose primary focus is on video projection for multi-media installation, performance, and photography. Her practice highlights the intersection of technology and the physical world.⁣

Paul Chavez is active in the Los Angeles creative community as a composer, instrumentalist and sound designer, leveraging his technical background to create immersive sound designs and scores. He often works under the project name FeltLike.⁣


Scraps of paper with birds and Chinese writing
In Search [indistinct conversations], Claire Tianyi Sun

Video work by graduating MFA students from Los Angeles

July 13 - 19, 2020

Island of Doubt, Berfin Ataman MFA '20, UCLA, Design Media Arts ⁣⁣
The Waves, Erin Cooney MFA '20, UCLA, Design Media Arts
Digital Serendipity, Viola Fu MFA '20, Art Center ⁣⁣
Pop, Dasul Kim MFA '20, UCLA, Design Media Arts ⁣⁣
Portkey: Live Styles of the Live and Streaming, Jarret Lin MFA '20, Art Center
In Search [indistinct conversations], Claire Tianyi Sun MFA '20, Otis College
Chester is not Here, Chester Toye ⁣⁣MFA '20, UCLA, Fine Art⁣⁣



A palm tree is visible in front of a bright blue sky, with skywriting that reads "STOP CRIMMIGRATION NOW"
Bamby Salcedo, STOP CRIMMIGRATION NOW, over LA Field Office
Taken on July 3, 2020 as part of In Plain Sight.
Photo by Dee Gonzalez. Courtesy of In Plain Sight.

Documentation from the In Plain Sight Launch (July 3/4/5, 2020)

July 6 - July 12, 2020

Over Independence Day weekend 2020, In Plain Sight launched a nationwide project. Fleets of skytyping planes spelled out artist-generated messages over 80 detention centers, immigration courts, borders, and other sites of historic relevance. As the planes soared, they made visible in the sky what is too often unseen and unspoken on the ground: the appalling, profoundly immoral, imprisonment of immigrants. Visit to learn more about the 80 detention sites, participating artists and for ways you can help end immigrant detention.