Wherever we will to root

February 17 - April 22, 2022

Los Angeles based artist EJ Hill is best known for his rigorous, embodied and durational performances and his poignant critique of the social inequities faced by black, brown and queer bodies. 

In this exhibition—his first institutional solo show—Hill moves beyond his physical practice to embrace the painterly tradition of floral representation. Exploring the versatility of his practice freely and unapologetically, Hill accesses his passion for painting; reframing the painting process as the work—in this case the work of care, a therapeutic mechanism for healing, rehabilitation, and even resistance. A form of noncompliance to the expectations built around certain bodies and their cultural production.

Wherever we will to root acts as the pendulum swing to Hill’s physically arduous performances. Here, the paintings seem to say—in the restful pink hues of roses and daffodils and daisies—is the place where blooming happens, where the body is not tested but nursed back to homeostasis. 

What is unambiguous in Hill’s disparate modalities is a practice that insists and relentlessly affirms his presence; asserting the urgency and vitality of his resolute will to thrive.

The exhibition season features a series of public programs which materialize through conversation, performance, food and fashion—making space for the return of a shared joy and intimacy. 

Image: EJ Hill, Flower Study, 2021. Courtesy of the artist

This exhibition and related programming are made possible by generous support from the Kathryn Caine Wanlass Charitable Foundation.